Meetings at the Translation Rights Fair

On Friday January 27th, the Translation Rights Fair of the Canada council for the Arts was held at the Montreal Omni Hotel. Canadien publishers took part at the event in order to meet personally and to talk about opportunities to sale and purchase rights. The Agency was pleased to be there to promote our clients’ titles.

The most successful titles we discussed were the eventful life and tragic death of boxer Arturo Gatti in Le dernier round, by Jacques Pothier (Éditions La Presse), the first book of the imaginative travel trilogy of Dragonville tome 1 – Procelaine, by Michèle Plomer (Le Marchand de feuilles), and at last the famous title which totally brought thousands of Quebecers to question their food habits : Comment j’ai vaincu la douleur et l’inflammation chronique par l’alimentation, by Jacqueline Lagacé (Groupe Fides).

The Translation Rights Fair has been created by the Canada council for the Arts and was first organized in 2010 for three years. The next edition will be held on Spring 2013 in Toronto. Always taking advantage of all opportunities to promote our represented titles, the Agency is going to participate in those events which make possible our commitment to reinforce our connections with publishers all around the country.