Chicken soup on the menu!

New trailing developments for now ready successful franchise in the book series Chicken Soup for the Soul, find the next titles and more on the website.


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After 120 million copies sold, the warm and salty beverage is always topical. A movie is being produced, directed by Alcon Entertainment, and the licence is doing better than ever. Its president William Rouhana and the publisher Amy Newmark want to publish six new titles within the next weeks.

Among the subjects, there will be “finding new path to happiness”, “faith and divine intervention”, “positive thinking”, and “changing your life”. Other titles are planned for September and October 2014. Another title is expected for the beginning of 2015. So the bestselling books Chicken Soup for the Soul are still making the news.

More than books

Many derivatives coming soon!

Whereas their outlets have passed from 9000 to 30000, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s owners will launch different products like soups and cuddly toys. These products literally refer to the series of books. There will even be a talk show. It really develops as a business model.

Otherwise, it should be known that the specific titles allow to enhance selling of the series. People would bought the first title of the series with the launching of new titles like Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul or Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul. What is interesting is that each title contributes to sell another title from the series, which sells another, again and again.

Therefore these derivatives should be the opportunity of doing more sales.

Moreover, Chicken Soup for the Soul proposes to create your own book online. Based on the principle of the series, an interaction between the readers and the book is now possible. The details about it are explained here. The purpose is to allow the readers to participate, and why not the renowned authors?

So it’s a great business model. But Chicken Soup for the Soul is also an entertaining series. It has a large public in the world. We like it as a “Chicken Soup” in America or as a “Hot Chocolate” in Europe, but it’s the same comforting beverage which warms the cockles of your soul.

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