After the fair, there’s always Paris!


After a successful week at the Frankfurt Book Fair, we’re now in Paris where we have arranged to meet with over 20 local publishers in order to present to them as many new and exciting titles as possible from the North-American publishers we represent.


We are actually meeting with 26 different publishers and departments this week!

Here is a list of the publishers we will be meeting this autumn :

Éditions Albin Michel  *  Éditions Phébus  *  Éditions du Cerf *  Eyrolles *  Éditions First-Gründ *  Éditions Auzou

Éditions Pérrin  *  Éditions Arthaud  *  Éditions J’ai lu  * Éditions 10/18  *  Gallimard  *  Fayard * JC Lattès

Les Editions Denoël  *  Bayard * Seuil – Documents, Littérature & Jeunesse *  Calman-Lévy

Éditions Payots et Rivages  *  Hachette Pratique  *  Éditions Buchet-Chastel – Littérature & Écologie