Foreign Rights – Promotional Services

A foreign rights agent or agency facilitates the publication of local titles in different languages and territories all over the world. Have you ever read a book by a Russian author, a French novelist or a Brazilian poet in English, and wondered how you have been able to do so? Books do not grow legs and get themselves translated and published overseas! Someone has to work as an intermediary between publishers all over the world and that is where we come in.

Now more than ever, the need for locally based corresponding agents is obvious. With increased ease of content sharing online, the amount of books available means that thousands of titles have become lost in a sea of keywords never to be searched or tangled up in a bunch of inactive links to a website where once a review had been posted. As a result, many never come close to reaching their full potential or even their local targeted readership, never mind making an impact on the foreign market. This is why our agency places a lot of importance on promotion.

promo1The promotional material we produce is constantly growing and developing and as a team, our expertise is complementary in creating the most effective marketing plans for any title.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amaiur Fernandez and Anabelle Assaf, whose experience as a Foreign Rights Coordinator and a Foreign Rights Agent respectively, means that we can collaborate on promotional documents each contributing important components; content, design, marketing ideas, selling points etc.

Perhaps the most important member in this collaboration is Mr. Claude Choquette, who founded the agency in 1981, and whose many years of experience in publishing and more specifically in the sale of foreign rights, means that his overseeing of our promotional material benefits from those extra tweaks that consistently render the finished product top notch.

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Our advancements in technology and how we’ve adapted to the digital book market can be accredited to the irrefutable expertise of Jean-Sébastien Dufresne, the agency’s president, who implemented the promotional platform, – a resource which is set to revolutionize the way titles are distributed and promoted within the coming years.

réseaux de co-agentsThe promotional services we provide target publishers all over the world and with our team of corresponding agents, our content is efficiently delivered to this network of professionals.

While the content of our promotional material is not directly aimed at readers of the general public, it is still relevant to the public domain and thus, our presence on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, in conjunction with our blog, carries the secondary role of being a reliable source of information for readers worldwide.

So from the production to the distribution of promotional material, we have it all sewn up. For more information on our promotional services and how you could benefit from them, please contact us.

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