Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 : Finland is the Guest of Honour

The Frankfurt International Book Fair (8-12 October 2014) is the most important book fair in the world. There are a large variety of exhibitors. There are publishers, agents, authors and booksellers. The fair is a source of acquisition and sale, as it is the main annual opportunity translation rights trade.

This year, the Guest of Honour is Finland. The book market is large in Finland. Publishers present their latest titles and the local bestsellers. (More information here.)

Our colleague Anabelle Assaf proposes three Scandinavian titles in co-operation with Agentur Literatur. She also promote a selection of titles from a variety of represented publishers and agencies, like Adams Media, Susan Schulman Agency and HCI.

The agents and their work

Anabelle is focussing on the France market and has prepared titles from the lists of represented clients. She covers this year a broader range of titles, both fiction and non-fiction.

The best books will interest publishers. The important is to have good reviews, good sales and have received good prizes and awards of course. It’s the theme of the Frankfurt Book Fair : Negotiations, new deals and potential partnerships.

Agents work under pressure. It’s the name of the game. They receive the publishers lists and details on title up to the very last minute. We then get ready to go to the front line.

 S. Finance

Among our represented publishers:

HCILoyola PressInner Traditions,

Planète RebelleAQEILes Malins.