Facebook Interest Lists for Publishers

An Interest List is an extremely useful tool that can be used to  accommodate a wide range of pages relating to the publishing industry. For example, a list called ‘Publishing News”  can display all of the status updates from pages such as Publisher’s WeeklyPublishing PerspectivesDigital Book World and Montréal-Contacts.

Facebook Interest Lists

By creating various Interest Lists and assigning each page to their relevant list, the user is in control of the content-filtering process and customization of their user experience, ensuring that no relevant information is missed. Montréal-Contacts would like to share with you a simple video guide to Interest Lists on Facebook and invite you to create an Interest List for our page here.

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing has become a priority for most businesses worldwide and the internet is pervaded by tips and tricks on how best to use these resources in order to improve sales, reach out to customers and develop a large network of followers. Using a Facebook page in order to achieve these goals poses the challenge of actually being able to crack the code and evaluate the success of a page on this social media site.[1. http://www.mediameasurement.com/measuring-social-media-success-is-%E2%80%98top-priority%E2%80%99-for-european-marketers/]

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Social media networks become saturated as soon as their popularity grows, rendering the task of developing a successful page for a business much more difficult – that is if the parameter to evaluate their success is the amount of likes or followers a certain page can boast.[2. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Marketers-to-face-social-media-saturation-Mindshar-30203328.html]

The perceived saturation of social media sites is due to content-overload, making it difficult for the average user/consumer to filter information and to fundamentally connect with the pages of companies who may be of interest to them.[3. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Marketers-to-face-social-media-saturation-Mindshar-30203328.html]


In 2012, Facebook tried to deal with this issue of content-overload by implementing a new strategy whereby it no longer sufficed for a user to ‘like’ a page in order to receive all updates from that page in their newsfeed. This caused a certain amount of consternation amongst page owners, frustrated that their information was not reaching subscribers who had already implicitly agreed to receiving all of their status updates.



As an alternative, Facebook proposed Interest Lists. However, as it stands, the average user is still unaware of the ‘Interest Lists’ feature and even those specialized in social media marketing may not be using them to their full potential.[4. http://blog.getpostrocket.com/2012/11/4-tips-to-increase-your-facebook-page-reach-without-paying/]


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