Marie-Bernadette Dupuy and JCL’s series

French author Marie-Bernadette Dupuy has been published in Quebec. She wrote different famous series in Canada and Europe and you can find her books on JCL‘s website.



With an everlasting source of inspiration, Marie-Bernadette Dupuy is an accomplished French author, who seized her opportunity to get published in North America. Her series were sold to 3 million copies! She is known as “Val-Jalbert’s queen” in Quebec.

The JCL editions have lots of contacts in Europe. Of course they have contacts in France, but also in Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Russia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. JCL has therefore allowed Marie-Bernadette Dupuy’s books to reach out to much broader markets than the sole French territory. Moreover her books have been picked up by a book club, France Loisirs. This makes a huge difference for her!

International visibility in book fairs

The international book fairs are the prime location to meet publishers. Marie-Bernadette Dupuy herself has met Jean-Claude Larouche (the founder of JCL), during a meeting at a book fair in France.

In 2002, JCL published L’Orpheline du Bois des Loups, first success of the author in Canadian territory. Then followed Val-Jalbert, Roy family and Angelina’s series. The two first series remain the most popular. Their stories take place in Quebec and in France.

Montreal-Contacts has presented Marie-Bernadette Dupuy’s series at the Frankfurt International Book Fair and the London Book Fair in 2012 and 2013. We were amongst the very few agencies to hold a stand and it was a unique opportunity to maximize the visibility of her many titles. As a Quebec-based agency, it is of utmost importance for us to allow local publishers to conquer international market.

Another title from Marie-Bernadette Dupuy was published in 2014. With more than 3 million copies sold, JCL’s titles have a high potential to make its way to other territories, after France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. We therefore strive to get every foreign rights sales possible.