Notes on digital publishing in 2014

At the beginning of 2014, some book professionals made several predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing, let’s take a quick look over them:


• 2013 has been a good year for the development of digital publishing, however even though the largest publishers have reported digital gains, the rhythm of growth has diminished.

• It seems that the power of Amazon is unstoppable, and the most recent developments over at Barnes & Noble suggest a possible closure of its digital brand, Nook.

• There is going to be more big merges as we saw in 2013 with Penguin and Random House. The Russians Eksmo and AST announced their merge in January as well as the Dutch Niew Amsterdam Publishers and Wereldbibliotheek Publishers.

• It seems that the streaming model is gaining territory. Although the Spanish proposal, 24 symbols, never took off in Spain, they are trying to export their model to Latin America and even Russia. In the USA, Oyster, is getting more subscribers day by day, and it is receiving good reviews from the digital experts.

• Pricing will remain one of the biggest issues for publishers in the USA, while in Europe, thanks to the fixed-price law, energy is now being focused on convincing governments to reduce the tax on e-books.

The industry has still to face a lot of challenges, but as we have seen during 2013, the wheel will be kept in motion in 2014 with many new proposals from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.