Smart Play, Smart Toys 4th edition

Dr Stevanne Auerbach expects to reach out to many more territories with the new edition of her book. With little luck and good work from the Agency, the book based on “the best of what we know about children” will conquer much more countries!


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The author Stevanne Auerbach is known as “Dr Toy” and she is one of the leading professional experts on children’s play, toys and products. She founded the first international toy museum. She attended to interviews and appearences at Toys R Us. She approved the first funding grant for “Sesame Street”. She wrote 15 books for parents, professionals and children.

Indeed she deserves her nickname of course!

Dr Auerbach knows about foreign rights. She corresponds every day with publishers. It is an exception for our Agency to work directly with authors but we are so glad to have created a relationship of trust with her.

“I was very pleased that Montreal-Contacts was interested and agreed to handle my book and represent it worldwide. There has been great success so far. The book has been produced beautifully in each country, I have provided interviews and actually traveled to a number of the locations, met the publishers and sometimes the agents too, provided presentations, talked with parents and teachers and conducted book signings.”

Smart Play, Smart Toys was published in the US at first. The book is now sold in China, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand and Turkey.

But this is just the beginning.

“I really appreciate the comments that have come in both English and other languages. Montreal-Contacts first contacted their agents on Thursday, September 15, 2005. The book is now in these countries. I hope we will soon reach other territories including Brazil, France, Holland, Mexico, Central and South America and more. I wish we could create some editions in traditional Chinese, in Paperback in Germany, and to locate publishers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.”

A very current book


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(Copyright Dr. Toy ®.)

Since 2006, Smart Play, Smart Toys was published by different publishers. The book is currently published by Regent Press (Berkeley, CA). With a beautiful new cover, the book is based on “the best of what we know about children”. It helps to navigate the thousands of toy and play options available, offers tips on how to evaluate toy safety, and provides 200 activities that enhance the “Play Quotient”.

“PQ” serves to rate your child’s active play skills and the potential a toy can provide to stimulate and increase the ability to be playful.

“Remember how important play is to your child. Through play they learn and develop many important skills. Play is your child’s work. Through play your child practices, develops strategies, learns about winning and losing and has the opportunity to try out many roles.”

You must choose toys carefully. That’s why the book touches on all the subjects. Among these subjects, there are sexism, violence, the use of computers, and much more. The Dr Auerbach speaks of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary school children and other children (nine to twelve years). As she is a “playful grandmother” she generously offers her knowing.

“Our mission is to continue to provide the information in as many forms as possible. Children need balance between low and high tech experiences, active creative and educational play and play with themselves.”

Dr Toy is ready to fly anywhere in the world to promote her book. She hopes to see her book translated in every language… and we are working to achieve it.



With special gratitude Dr Toy wants to express her appreciation to:

Great editor Jim Dugan for his patience, eagle eye and excellent work;

Brian White for his terrific art work for the cover;

Kaz, Wendy, Ralph and publisher of the new 4th edition Mark for their professionalism;

Dr. Mona Zikri for the book’s perfect translation into Arabic and waiting patiently for the book’s completion in Cairo;

Montreal-Contacts for its ongoing assistance regarding International rights;

And warm appreciation to Mo Saeki and Mr. Kichijo at LaQ in Tokyo for their continued support of the book as the Japanese publisher is finalized.