Q&A : Linda Kohn | Internationaal Literatuur Bureau

In this series of articles, we profile our corresponding agents and their local markets in order to better understand the changes and challenges in foreign rights sales and the publishing industry in general. The Netherlands   This month Linda Kohn of the Internationaal Literatuur Bureau takes the time to give us an insight into the current publishing market in The Netherlands. ILB has been in business for 65 years and is the oldest agency in the Netherlands. It is a family owned company and 
Linda is the third generation – it all started with her grandfather. Linda, like her father and grandfather, values and invests in partner-relation management. That means providing individualized services to fit
 the different needs of the agency’s small and big foreign and Dutch partners. Q Can you give a brief summary of the publishing industry in your territory presently (most popular genre, trends in publishing, digital vs. print, self-publishing etc.)? LK : European countries are suffering from economically difficult times. This has also effected the Dutch publishing industry. Dutch publishers used to belong to ‘avant-garde’. They made quick decisions and were internationally known for the nice amounts of money they paid to get rights for the Dutch market. In my opinion, the Dutch still have good taste, but are more careful in making decisions. Most of the Dutch publishing houses shrank their lists and this is effecting the international rights market financially. The e-book market is developing quickly. Nevertheless, it still has a low market share. The good news is that e-books are gaining popularity rapidly now. However, the price of the e-books, according to the Dutch reader,...