The Val-Jalbert Series

What struck me the most when I first discovered The Val-Jalbert Series, written by french author Marie-Bernadette Dupuy, was the sheer volume of the books! Their generous size straight away poses a challenge to any reader and indicates to what extent the story told in these 6 titles has been descriptively and accurately detailed.

Copy of Marie-Bernadette Dupuy


Published over the course of 5 years with the first title, l’Enfant des Neiges, appearing in 2008 and the final instalment, L’ange du Lac surfacing earlier this year in Autumn 2013, this saga has gripped readers all over French Canada and in France. It has also been translated into Russian and Ukranian. What is even more impressive is the sales figures this series has achieved with a staggering 1.1 million copies sold. The author has also published other series and novels and has sold a very impressive 2.5 million books worldwide.

This gripping story of Marie-Hermine, abandoned as a baby in Val-Jalbert, Québec, where the series is set, is infused with the icy breath of Québec’s winter wind, in a land where nothing must die and nothing must change. Loyal to a real historical setting, it leaves you wanting more and more – so the success of The Val-Jalbert Series, even after 6 rather long and consuming reads is not surprising.

Éditions JCL who published this saga along with many more of Marie-Bernadette Dupuy‘s novels, already have a vast repertoire of titles that have enjoyed great success in different languages all over the world. What’s more is that grants are available to subsidize the cost of translation of these books in any language.

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